minimalist jewelry

Long multi-colored gemstone necklace


Dainty necklace made with multi-colored gemstone beads

To get this incredible colorful variety I used these gemstones: amethyst, garnet, white pearl, tourmaline, peridot, aquamarine, apatite, quartz.
The gemstones have a faceted rondelle shape and measure approximately 3mm.
The necklace measures 88cm in length.

This simple yet elegant necklace looks great for layering with other delicate necklaces or as a minimalist wear.

Price: 218.00€

Delicate silver circle link bracelet


Delicate silver bracelet featuring two different sizes of links that are attached to double silver cable chain.
For everyday and special days!

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for this bracelet to be made.
Bracelet can also be made in combination of sterling silver and 18karat yellow gold.

Price: 198.00€

gold circle earrings, Australian white opal drops

1 840.00€

Elegant, stylish and chic opal drop earrings.

These amazing one of a kind earrings are entirely hand made from solid 18 karat yellow gold and white Australian opal.
Fiery white opal drops are hanging from gold circles and are attached to gold ear wire.

The opals measure 16x6,5mm, the circles measure 8mm in diameter and the total length of the earrings measures 33mm.

Price: 1 840.00€


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