unique jewelry

intricate gold pendant, diamond


A tiny yet elegant gold pendant with diamond - this delicate charm is accentuated by a 2mm white diamond, set in a graceful gold bezel. The pendant is made out of 18karat yellow gold and completed with a solid 18karat yellow gold cable chain.

The charm measures approximately 7mm in diameter
The total length of the necklace measures is 45cm.

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for this necklace to be made!

Price: 718.00€

Cobalt Calcite, Sterling silver ring


Unique sterling silver ring with a round Cobalt Calcite.
The solid rectangular ring measures 21x23mm and the Cobalt Calcite measures 14mm in diameter.
The ring is a size 55 1/2

'Cobaltoan Calcite, also known as Cobalt Calcite and Aphrodite Stone, is an uncommon variety of Calcite that has Cobalt impurities. Usually the amount of Cobalt within determines how pink the stone is.'

Price: 277.00€

xl silver and gold earrings


Xlong sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold circle earrings.

Silver and gold interlocking links in two different sizes dangle from silver ear wire.
The sterling silver creates a uniqueness and contrast towards the yellow gold.

The earrings measure approximately 9.5 cm in total length.
Can also be ordered in oxidized silver and 18karat yellow gold.

Please allow minimum 10 days for these earrings to be made.

Price: 637.00€

Small delicate Blossom Pendant in Sterling Silver


This delicate blossom pendant is made of sterling silver, using an ancient technique called granulation. Small balls of metal are fused onto a base sheet of metal to create an intricately patterned design.
The small flower measures 17mm in diameter and its center is formed by a round 2mm colored gemstone

The pendant hangs from a silver cable chain and is 45cm long.

You can choose between:
Tsavorite (green garnet)
White pearl
Garnet (red garnet)

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for this necklace to be made!

Price: 182.00€


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