dainty gold ring with pink tourmaline cabochon and diamonds

2 620.00€

This dainty, elegant and classic 18k yellow gold ring is set with a beautifully pink tourmaline cabochon of 11.97carat in an oval bezel. The round shank of 3mm in diameter is highlighted by 2 white diamonds on one side of the tourmaline and by 3 white diamonds on the other side of the cabochon. Each diamond is approximately 0.013carat.

Great by itself, or with other stacking rings.
The slightly brushed gold and the vibrant shade of the pink tourmaline complement each other perfectly!

Price: 2 620.00€

contemporary earrings, gold granulation earrings, white opal


These unusual, elegant and one of a kind stud earrings would make a special gift. Tiny gold granules are fused on to a triangle shaped sheet of 18karat yellow gold.
This delicate process involves heating the gold until the surface just starts to melt, thereby "grabbing" the little granules. The result is a really pretty, yet understated pair of earrings with a lovely texture.
The gold triangles are flat with posts at the back. Dangling from the bottom are beautiful opals set in 18karat yellow gold.
The total length of these earrings is 3.5cm.

Price: 960.00€

contemporary jewelry - 18karat yellow gold disc ring with diamonds and blue zircon

2 110.00€

Elegant round ring in solid 18karat yellow gold.

This fabulous and unique one of a kind ring features two 16mm slightly domed discs in 18karat yellow gold held apart by small gold beads on the side. The top part of the disc is highlighted by 12 white diamonds (1.5mm) and a dazzling 6mm faceted blue zircon.
A romantic ring with a touch of simplicity.

Size of the ring is 52 1/2. (6 1/4)

Price: 2 110.00€

dangling drop earrings, gold earrings, diamonds and rutil quartz

1 760.00€

Elegant, stylish and chic gold drop earrings.

These amazing one of a kind earrings are entirely hand made from 18karat yellow gold. 14mm round discs accentuated by 2mm white diamonds are hanging from 18karat yellow gold ear wires. Attached to the disc is a beautifully pear shaped rutilated quartz.

The total length of the earrings measures 4.7cm

Price: 1 760.00€


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