minimalist earrings

elegant pearl earrings


A handcrafted, very minimalist design made from 18K yellow gold. A dazzling round pearl of 10mm in diameter is at the bottom of the ear wire.
The earrings are not heavy and very comfortable for everyday wear. They come in 18K yellow gold with a choice of grey Tahiti pearls or white Akoya pearls and a total length of either 32mm or 44mm

Modern earrings, contemporary earrings, minimalist earrings, elegant earrings, chic earrings.

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for these earrings to be made!

Price: 560.00€

dazzling white gold earrings, long earrings, tanzanite and diamonds

1 100.00€

Beautifully simple statement earrings.

These graceful long 18karat white gold stud earrings have a total length of 7cm. Two 3cm long wires attached to each other are hanging from a slightly curved disc that is highlighted by a 2mm white diamond. At the bottom of the wire sits a dazzling 5mm faceted tanzanite, adding a touch of pure elegance.

Price: 1 100.00€


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